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I'm writing a fanfic and I want to know if anyone remembers the specifics on when Casey disappeared. I get mix results from some fans saying he went missing sometime when Mae left for college or on the year she returned. Does anyone remember where they talk about him during the course of the game? Do you remember what some characters have said? I'm thankful for any help.
Tough to say. I'd imagine that it probably hasn't been a full year and a half. However, it's been long enough that Germ has stopped asking the crusties if they've seen him. Unfortunately, Germ is an odd bird and I could see him giving up after a year or after a few weeks with equal probability.

The posters look relatively new, but that might just b ea matter of the art style. Honestly, you best bet would probably to be to ask the creators via social media and/or Kickstarter messages (if you are a backer.)