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Hey guys,

I've been playing Nexus on and off over the past couple weeks.

I've made it mostly through the game. It's been very, very frustrating as the game's difficulty often goes way beyond "fun."

Searching around, I noticed that some people on the Steam forums mention some bugs that make the game much harder. I've been wondering if I've encountered them.

An example would be using groups. I select the group and it just doesn't seem to listen to any orders.
I select another thing, then select the group again and issue the order.
Nothing happens.

But if I drag-select all of the ships, then issue the order, then they listen.

Weird issues like this is really killing the game for me.

So, I'd like to know:

Are there bugs in the game that make the difficulty kind of crazy?

Some people suggest just... restarting and hoping you don't hit it again.

To me, that sounds dumb since there's no way to know whether you're playing a "corrupt" path or not.

I'd really appreciate some advice because frankly, as much as I love the story and atmosphere of this game, I'm kind of done with it.

The game just isn't fair. :(
I played this game a decade ago when it came out. If I remember correctly they released patches for it and that made the game much harder. Not sure what bugs the patches "fixed" but you may want to try playing the initial release version as the difficulty may be more to your liking.

Again, this is off memory so I may be wrong. I remember it being a really cool game. The developers did a fundraiser for a sequel but it never got anywhere.