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I requested cd keys for NWN, it told me I would receive it shortly, It's been 3 days. My interpertaion of "SHORTLY' must be different than thier's. How long is it supposed to take?

Update: Thanks for the reply's. I checked my email, and voila, there it was.
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This question / problem has been solved by cogadhimage

Read through it, we've been having a "spirited discussion" about this for about a week now.
I just now got one of my keys, but not the other I requested through another account.

It is a little annoying, but not to much, I got other shit I can do in the meantime.
I don't even remember being told I'll receive it shortly. Should I send in another request?
Curious just how long does it take on average?

I submitted a CD key request right after downloading it and finding out the key issue, which was on November 3rd.

Resubmitted one again last Friday, and got another e-mail less than an hour ago, with a forwarded message sent to me the first time around -- on November 5th -- with an explanation added including, quote, "We have experienced a technical issue with our mail server", which seems to be the case, judging by the attached message. So if you didn't get your key yet, just submit the request again. It works.