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I've recently helped a friend install and update NWN to Community Patch (1.72) and I remembered all the troubles I had to deal with to install it myself a long time ago.

Nowadays I tend to use a packaged archive that has all the updates and game enhancements I like which only needs to be unpacked into the game's directory after installing it, but it's for personal use only, as Shadooow doesn't want his patch to be repackaged in any way.

I thought about writing this tutorial in Polish, but I don't know if installing and updating NWN isn't troubled in a similar way for other non-English localizations, so I'll leave it in English for everyone to read. Also, if anyone managed to get Community Patch 1.71 or higher working on a Polish version without all these steps, please let me know. I know both I and my friend had to go through them to get everything to work.

1. Install Polish NWN from GOG (which is at version 1.68)

2. Download the newest English version of Community Patch in archive format (non-executable)

3. Paste the dialog.tlk from the downloaded Community Patch archive to your NWN folder

4. Download the English version of 1.69 critical rebuild patch and install it (that's what you need an English dialog.tlk for, otherwise your game copy won't be recognized as an English version and the patch will refuse to install)

5. Copy the contents of the "Override_Bak" folder in your game directory into the "Override" folder (to bring back Polish fonts and tokens)

6. Install Community Patch in any way you see fit - either by extracting the archive downloaded earlier to the game directory or by downloading a self-executable installer; if you downloaded an English version, make sure to install a Polish localization (which means replacing dialog.tlk with another file), as of writing this tutorial the newest version of 1.72 lacks Polish translation, but you can for now use the 1.71 translation - very little has changed in displayed text (two minor changes), so a 1.71 dialog.tlk will do fine until 1.72 version is released

7. Download and install NWNCX - not strictly required, but highly recommended, because many of CP features and fixes require it to work. Use the included launcher exe file to launch the game.

Now, some notes for the curious ones:

-For one reason or another, the Polish version of critical rebuild patch does NOT support the Community Patch. That is, if you install it and then install the Community Patch and try to launch the game, it will crash (speaking from experience here, both my own and my friend's). That's why installing an English version is required - don't worry, the voices and cinematics will stay Polish, while the dialog.tlk file will be replaced by Community Patch anyway. Just make sure to download a Polish dialog.tlk file for Community Patch afterwards.

-NWNCX offers a separate launcher exe file, though at some time in the past it made it possible to simply patch your nwmain.exe, meaning you wouldn't need to use any separate launcher. I don't think its current version allows you to modify your nwmain.exe for some reason, but I still have the patched nwmain.exe file - compatible with both 1.69 and any version of Community Patch (or even NWNCX, because only its plugins may change between different versions). If someone would like it, send me a private message and I can send you the link. And no, it's not a virus, but you don't have to trust me, since the included launcher exe is also a viable option.

-If you already have Neverwinter Nights installed and updated to Polish 1.69 version, you can simply go from the second step onward.

-Here are links for required stuff if you don't feel like searching for them:
*Community Patch:
*English 1.69 critical rebuild:

Hope you'll find the above tutorial helpful, or at least informative. :)
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And I don't think you shall have hidden this gem in Polish ;)

EDIT: As it also contains info about the community patch, shall have made this clearer when posting :D
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Goodaltgamer: +1

And I don't think you shall have hidden this gem in Polish ;)

EDIT: As it also contains info about the community patch, shall have made this clearer when posting :D
That might be true, but too late, a thread's name can't be changed. :(
Taro94: That might be true, but too late, a thread's name can't be changed. :(
Yes ;)

contact fables22 and ask for a change of the title. Fables is community manager from GOG.

You just can not change it, that is unfortunate true. :(