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Every time I try to connect to a multiplayer server it says logging in...then it says its timed out....

NWN1 or 2?

Have you tried a few vanilla servers just for testing?

Are the server's forum mentioning any issues? Servers can occasionally burp until the admin notices the disconnect and runs a reset.
Post edited April 24, 2017 by Chipster
NWN 1. When I first attempted to login in I got the character crraction screen. But then I got booted because I needed haks. Now I downloaded the Haks and when I try to connect it just pauses and advises its timed out.
So it's not multiplayer timing out in general but rather just that server.

I'm assuming the haks came with installation instructions that you followed correctly (or used an autoinstallation exe they may have furnished), that you've installed the critical rebuild before that and and typical resources like the latest version of CEP that many servers take for granted you've already plugged in (if that's the case for this particular PW).

Try DLing again and if no success the 2nd time, check out their website and forums. Maybe identify the server name in case others checking the GoG boards suspect what the cause could be?