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To all the modders, server hosts, devs, etc.who keep the spirit of NWN alive after 10+ years. Heartfelt thanks to you all, from someone who found solace in the NWN online community for a long time. Although I finally began playing more from my backlog of other games recently, it'll always be special to me.

PS-If anyone wishes public acknowledgement then don't be afraid to post your vault name, bioware social name, or whatever you're best known by in the NWN community, whether that's modding or admin or development, etc.

I'm sure there's people who would be happy to give credit where tis due:)
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Made my day, man. You're welcome :)
Quite welcome.

I'm Skywing, the developer of the NWN2 Client Extension (brings back the server browser, among many other things), maintainer of the backend behind the replacement-for-GameSpy server tracker infrastructure, the standalone script compilers for NWN2/NWN1, various parts of NWNX4 and other NWN2/NWN1-related utilities.

Beyond recognition so much as ensuring that new players can figure out how to join multiplayer game worlds using a functional in-game server browser, could we get a link to the NWN2 Client Extension from one of the forum stickies?

Ideally, both a link to the direct download link ( http://ce-update.mst.valhallalegends.com/CE/Latest ) and the new NWVault page ( http://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/other/nwn2-client-extension ). Rationale for a prominent listing would be that without the CE, you don't have any in-game multiplayer server browser since GameSpy support was discontinued, so it's important to be discoverable to new players that want to join PWs and other multiplayer games.
I'd also like to add that the Client Extender has a quite a few fixes and has helped prevent connection issues with players on Realms of Trinity a LOT. This is definitively a must-have for online Neverwinter Nights 2 gaming.
I totally second that motion.

I'm kinda old. I was around when the white box D&D rules came out. This community reminds a lot of those halcyon days of yore.

I may do a few shots tonight and then come back and say stupid stuff like "I love you guys", but Thank You All for being, well, you. That really does say it all.
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Indeed, thanks to everyone.

I'm LongEarMage, former DM on Glorwing and Forgotten Realms Cormyr and creator of the Persistent World Land of the Purple Dragon. Without all of the modders, modelers, and content creators, none of these projects would have ever happened.

So I'm adding my thanks, here!
LongEarMage: I'm LongEarMage, former DM on Glorwing
How interesting, I recognize your name. I was working on a Glorwing reboot for a while as a builder.