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Well maybe not the best RPG, but the best story and the best NWN module series.
I mentioned this in my good modules thread, but with the series now complete I think this deserves even more boost.

The Prophet

It began with a dream. A dream of fate, a dream of sorrow. And through the dream the future wept, grieving for the lost tomorrow. For again the wheels of time shall turn. Without justice, without care. And once again shall darkness reign upon a world within despair. And though some had seen the coming storm, none could hold against its tide. For even gods must heed fate’s plan. That which is destined, cannot be denied.

You dream of a terrible incident in the future and set out in a seemingly impossible quest to change the future. The story is dark and adult (not meaning sex and romance this time, none of that stuff here). The action and presentation are top notch, but the story and dialogue are better or as good as anything I've seen so far. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

I played with the same character through all Baldecaran's modules The Cave of Songs + Honor Among Thieves. Worked out pretty well for me. A new character would probably have been a bit more reasonable choice and while the earlier modules were excellent for a rogue, The Prophet would have been better for a slightly more combat capable character, and probably best for a lawful good one. Tells much of the strength of writing though, that my chaotic good ranger/rogue never felt forced to do something against his alignment. Hard to see how this'd work for some chaotic evil destroy the world insane madman.

Not for everybody though! You'll be faced with item strips here and there, the story is pretty much on rails so no free roaming & exploring of landscape. You'll move around the world, no free returning to somewhere you left behind. You'll be faced with opponents you might not be able to beat no matter what and will probably have to run. The storyline is pretty depressing, very few upbeat moments between friends dying and towns burning. And while the series lasts for a long long time and is decidedly epic in scope, you won't be reaching epic levels and you won't be having a +5 weapons of choice with 5d6 elemental damage. If you wish to be a naginata weapon master, you'll be in for a hard time.

Honor Among Thieves is heartily recommended in it's own right. Probably the best thief-stealth-spying module out there. (you'll be forced to do an assasination or two along the course, so it's not suitable for a lawful good, nasty guys you'll be killing though, so my chaotic good did just fine.)

Cave of Songs isn't as good as the others, but it's not bad either, has great moments and gives a few hours of fun. Works great as a prequel adventure for Honor (or Prophet).
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This kinda makes me want to fire up NWN again, i'm sooooo tempted, lol

Does it work well in MP?
Shiek2005: This kinda makes me want to fire up NWN again, i'm sooooo tempted, lol

Does it work well in MP?
Should, not that I've tried.
Readme/walkthroughs for earlier chapters have even DM instructions, if you want to do it that way.
The last chapter is a work in progress, single player finished, multiplayer testing & tweaking still underway.
Definitely bookmarking then, my friend might be interested ^_^
I just finished playing through this full series (thanks for the heads up that it had been completed), and I just have to say wow. That was good. Really, really good. Some of the best storytelling I've seen in an RPG since PS:T, and the rest of the module, from pacing, to area design, to challenge level, were all very solid as well. And the choice at the end is probably the most difficult one I've ever faced in a game (talk about moral ambiguity). So anyone looking for an incredibly good module to suck them in for a week or two should definitely check out this series.
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Hmm....sounds intriguing. Downloading now.
I finally got around to start this, and being in part I, I must say this is really really good. It just makes me want to play & play. Thanks a lot for recommendation!