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Does anyone actually play as them? I usually love mages in RPG games, but I also find it highly uncomfortable needing to rest every five skills you cast in NWN.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?
Well yeah, many do use them but not me.
The same as you, it's not convenient to do the fight-rest-fight-rest cycle over and again.
But that's the way it works in D&D.

Basic tips, a melee capable henchman for a meat shield and a summoned creature for another, crossbow or bow to deal damage with. Save spells for the harder encounters.

As for sorcerers, they're neater than wizards just for the few extra spell slots they get.
I love playing sorcerers and wizards in games with larger parties (BG, PST, IWD), and I had a lot of fun playing a wizard in NWN during a coop game, but I'd never try it in single player.
I played a Wizard and a Sorcerer through the original NWN campaign. After the first chapter, I soloed (no henchmen or summons) with both of them. However, you do have to accept the fact that you're going to rest all the time.
I'm not a fan of sorcerers because of their limited spell selection, but I do love wizards. And honestly, resting isn't that big of an issue, at least not since I got past the first few levels. Between my familiar, companion, and crossbow, I have no need to use spells on weaker enemies. For medium level enemies I also have a ton of low level spells to spam plus wands, so I usually only bring out the big guns when fighting extra tough enemies or if I just want to see how a new spell works. If anything, my wizard's had an easier time than my ranger/barbarian/weaponmaster.
I just posted a similar thread in (perhaps inappropriately) the Planescape forum. It is validating to see I that I am not the only one who found magic characters somewhat ponderous, lol.

I was referred to this tvtropes page:

I suppose you wouldn't see as much "chronic fatigue syndrome" with a high level wizard, as eon47 suggests.
Also depends HIGHLY on the Sorcerer build you use. There is a great one that is tricky...38 levels of Sorcerer,1 level of Paladin, and 1 level of monk that id great if you build it correctly and of course choose the right Meta-Magic feats.
I took the Dragon Disciple prestige class with my sorcerer - beefed him out nicely...
Crispy78: I took the Dragon Disciple prestige class with my sorcerer - beefed him out nicely...
Not the best idea unless you're using your caster as a melee type mage. The RDD class does not add to your spellcasting progression, so it actually weakens your sorcerer from a magic slinging perspective.
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I generally prefer Sorcerers since they get way more spells a day.
Sorcerers are great for the single-player game b/c you get heaps of CHA -- which of course is needed to smooth-talk the people of Neverwinter. I love Charisma in NWN. It seems to make a bigger difference in just about every situation. Put some points into persuade and you'll make a little more gold and get a little more info out of people.

In the early parts of the original campaign, you should find a cold-ray gun. That can be used infinitely.

Also, there are hundreds of wands all over the place. So you can blast your foes with those and then use your spells as you see fit.