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Oh my. NwN on GOG. This announcement alone has put me on nostalgica lane on the NWN Vault. For those new to NWN I know from past experience that the Vault can be a bit overwhelming when seaching for a quick single player adventure fix. So I picked a few modules I really have a found memory of and am sure you'll love if you like the SP aspect of NWN:

Shadowlords/Dreamcatcher compiled series
The first few chapters might appear to be a bit rough but at a certain point in this series this modder shows bioware what is possible with their own engine.

EE1 & EE2
Twisted, dark and mature. The first maybe not as much as the second (might be confused, a lot of years have passed after I played these). NOT for the faint of heart!

A hunt through the dark
A great series for fans of drow. You'll have to create a drow for that of course. A real one, not an overland rangersissy with scimitars and a black cat ;)

Yeah, well. Its a strange one. Quests and stuff to do is quite polished and ready to go for an upstart evil doer. But you'll not be the intellectual, charming Irenicus type but rather the in-your-face brute who might have (or not depending on playstyle) one or two hidden soft spots. But since there are not much evil char mods out there (much less complete series) you might be interested in that one.

Hope you have fun with them :)
Good selection, any thing that Adam Miller did is a must have. He's mods made me love Neverwinter
May be this link could be useful. Not pearls but also a list of modules
One of my favorite single player moduels is hex coda:
All good suggestions. I'll toss in some others I quite enjoyed:

The Aielund Saga (link is to part 1. There are 6 parts).
Runes of Blood.
Against the Cult of the Reptile God - a really well done adaptation of the classic PnP module.
Every one of Stefan Gagne's modules (HeX coda, elegia eternum) has been mentioned except his longest series, Penultima, which I really enjoyed. I think there's 10 or 11 Penultima modules.
Check out Ravenloft - Beyond the Gate. A truly excellent module that I had a lot of fun with. A perfect choice for Halloween time too!
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Thanks a lot brutha, this should hold me over until I get my CD key!
You can find Aielund Saga easily from it's official site as well,

There is bunch of other stuff related to Aielund as well.
rihkama: You can find Aielund Saga easily from it's official site as well,

There is bunch of other stuff related to Aielund as well.
funny, I always assumed is was some kind of fan module for the wheel of time (there is an Aiel people there). Stupid me.
Darkness over Daggerford was mentioned before

Alazanders modules are pretty good, especially the last one (Tyrants of the Moonsea)

And what I remeber, Eye of the Beholder remake was good too... :)
Might I suggest Rose of Eternity (a two part single player series, NWVault Hall of Fame and IGF Winner, ratings 9.77 & 9.93). Great cinematics, good story, interesting combat mechanics. Both mods were made by Challseus, who went on to work for Ossian (

The Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 1 - The Coming:
The Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved:
Just remembered another that I thought was worth mentioning. It's the Good vs. Evil module series. It did some pretty impressive and unique things with the game. Essentially, the module turns the game into an RTS/RPG with your character customizing and commanding an army and engaging in a surprisingly tactical set of scenarios. I'll post a part of the description:
Lead an army in an epic battle between good and evil, with up to a hundred soldiers on either side!

Give orders to your troops, summon reinforcements, and deploy artillery to support them, as your army strives to capture the enemy's shrines, smash down the gates of their fortress and destroy their altar.

Wage war against the computer, or take the battle online and fight alongside (or against!) your friends. Join either side, as a General or a Hero, with six armies to lead, and eight battlefields to fight over.
I think I played version 2 back in the day, but I'll post a link to the latest. Great fun here:
I dislike using trainers because they are usually very bland and have little soul. I prefer not to cheat at all but sometimes I just don't have enough free time after work or on the weekend so I look for a few shortcuts. When NWN firsty came out I used the Jack2Halls_of_Advanced_Training to flesh out my game character (you can find it in the NWVault but it is way down the list ) and actually I went to the end of the list (because thie mod was early in the life of NWN) to re-discover it.

I won't use the leveling-up feature (so stay away from the two Dragons if you want to start NWN as a level 1 character) but I grab a lot of gold and then buy some boots, a belt, a weapon, a cloak, a suit of armor, ammo, equipment, a helmet, an amulet (not too powerful), maybe a ring and then leave with some gold coins to carry into the game. You can test out your weapons in the training field but I choose to leave and then use this character when I start up NWN. My attributes remain the same but with a ring or an amulet I now have a better chance to start out and I explain the riches in my posession as items passed down from my family.

Have fun!
The Bastard of Kosigan is translated in english (the last final chapter will be out at the end of the year!)

Here's the link to the first episode:
testnew12.jpg (122 Kb)