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So far scattered throughout the internet I have found these, and I probably missed a few. Does anyone know of any more, and if the first two are necessary?

*EDIT* lol it won't even let me post links, you have to psychically guess what the links are, they are all from nwvault

Construct Upgrade fix: came out in 2007 but it's not clear if this was ever fixed in the latest patches or if using it screws with something those patches fixed.

Deekin Inventory (Dialog) Fix: was released for 1.1 but it is not clear if this was fixed in later patches or if using it screws with something those patches fixed.

feat selection fixes:labelled for 1.23

Spell Fixes and Improvements version 6.06, 1.23

OR Spell Fixes compilation v3.42, 1.23

NWN2 Client Extension: 1.23, crash fixes

Henchmen Game Crash Fix (LB): 1.23 crash fix
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New posters (welcome to the forums BTW!) can't post links in order to discourage forum spammers (*spit*). Sad, but necessary nowadays.

As for the list, the most recent patch (and the version of NWN2 that GOG supplies) is 1.23 so anything labelled as being for 1.23 (spell fixes, henchman AI, feat updates) should work - whether you need them is another matter.

The construct dialogue fix is still relevant and there are user-supplied fixes for Storm over Zehir also (like SoZ: Accusation in Nimbre and the Inquisitive Pig).

A more ambitious "fix" is the NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition which adds SoZ features like its crafting system and the ability to import a party (it also includes the option to avoid an inevitable companion death) - the NWN2 MotB Makeover SoZ Edition follows on from it. These include additional fixes such as missing items (the "Nasher" collection in OC and some unique items in MotB).

Basically version 1.23 has been mostly fixed (and had the obnoxious Securom disk check removed following complaints about it causing BSODs and a massive thread at the Atari forum) but legal action between Atari and Hasbro did pull the plug on further updates. Hence the third party fixes and improvements.

Edit: The Deekin store fix you mention isn't included in 1.23 so is likely worth considering.
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Thanks a lot! I'll try the makeover fixes