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NWN refuses to scale to my full panel size. 1280x800 is too much for the mobile chip (C50/HD6250).
Lower resolutions causes the game to run a lot better, but the game always defaults to 1280x800 with black bars when a lower resolution is selected.

- Set GPU scaling to "Scale image to full panel size"
- Lowered desktop resolution.
These do not matter, NWN defaults to 1280x800 no matter what the resolution of Windows is.
- In other games, scaling works fine. This includes other OpenGL games. (Quake 2 + 3 engine based games)

AMD C50/HD6250
2 GB Ram
Windows 7 32bit.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
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Gromuhl: (Snip)
There are some suggestions in this thread
Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, none of the solutions there work. So far I've tried:

- Set GPU scaling to "Scale image to full panel size"
- Lowered desktop resolution.
- Changing the resolution in both nwn.ini and nwconfig.ini to 800x600
- set the refresh rate to 59hz instead of 60hz.
- Tried windowed mode and only full screen mode
- Upgrading drivers

They all didn't work. The people in that thread had more problems with only being able to run it at 800x600 and they weren't able to select another resolution. I can select higher, but it runs very bad due to the low bandwith of the C50 chip in my tablet pc (because of the low speed shared RAM)

Only thing i didn't do was change the driver to an older set. But I can't because the C50/HD6250 isn't supported yet on those older drivers.