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In order to play multiplayer in NWN, do i need to register every time and get master server error?.
is very annoying to do it, just play on lan or connect to a remote server.
There is a way to get rid of this?
I have already installed my cd-key provided by gog, also i have installed the patch for the premiun content.
Just get used to the master server error. It is no biggie is a couple of seconds extra waiting time.

There are a couple more or less complicated ways to get rid of the master server error wait but I don't recall them just now (I'm sure google and/or nwn1 official forum could give answers).

Good luck with playing!
What superfly is saying is NO. Don't register a new account every time you log in. If you do you will have trouble accessing the server vaults (your characters) when you play multiplayer. Just use your main account and wait out the authentication error. It will go away in a few seconds.

Ignore the Gamespy screen too. It no longer works.
Post edited June 30, 2013 by urknighterrant