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For some reason, the download for NWN is split into three files. When I run the installer in either Wineskin or Crossover Games, it just quits and does nothing--the other two files are apparently ignored. I've bought a few games from GOG that wouldn't play in Wine (or Crossover) but never one that wouldn't install. Is there any way I can combine all three files into one? Why are there three files anyway? That's not very convenient.
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The files are split because of the size; makes for an easier download. No, they cannot be combined, the installer is designed to look for and read from the multiple files.

Do you have an actual Windows machine you try running the install on? Its possible you have a bad file and Wine just can't deal with it. Running it in Windows might give you some kind of informative error message. Additionally you could try running the install from a terminal to get some error output from Wine or Crossover.
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Pretty sure that the files are split because of executeable size limitations in windows, files can be up to 4gb for fat32 but exes max out at 2gb

It could well be a corrupted file, the installer likely calls the windows messagebox to alert you to errors which wouldn't be there in *nix
It works in Crossover 9.2.0, I installed and played it on this (Ubuntu 10.10). Which version of Crossover are you using?
It was a bad file, nothing more. Installs perfectly now. Thanks.