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Is there an easy way to reduce ECL (effective character level) to +3 or maybe +2 for Half-Celestial and Half-Dragon (possibly Deep Gnome too). Either by modding a file myself if it's a kind of thing anyone could do or with an already existng mod?

In case anyone cries CHEAT! i plan to make other things tougher so it'll balance itself out. :)

One other thing since i'm posting. One of the things i'll do to make things tougher in MotB is not using the broken elemental or other dmg enchants for weapon which goes up to 4d6 per enchant slot if memory serves, or just not use dmg above either 1d6 or 2d6 per enchant slot (haven't completely defined the parameters of my playthrough yet) But i'm thinking about using mods that does one or more of the following for greater freedom: overwrite existing enchantments, more enchant slots on items, more drops of the essences that let's me enchant in MotB for more experimentation. Problem is that i don't know if mods for these things exist. If anyone knows about mods for that please point me in the right direction.