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I was wondering what mods would you recommend or consider for Neverwinter Nights 2 especially for someone's first playthrough ?

I am all set of NWN 1 since the only mod I find reccomended was the Critical Rebuild but what about 2.
If by "mods" you mean modules (standalone, fan-made adventures), there are dozens if not hundreds of excellent choices for NWN2. Look at the top rated modules on the new Neverwinter Vault or the NWN2 Nexus.

If you mean unofficial patches/content for the original campaign, you might consider:

Community Fixes:

And if you want additional class options, Kaedrin's PRC Pack has tons of options:

Graphically, good choices are the NWN2 facelift pack:

And, if you have a modern widescreen monitor, Tchos' UI mod is a good choice:
Yeah I meant Unofficial Patches\and content for the Original Campaign.Since I want to do the OC before I do any modules.