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I've been playing this game for a few days now and it's great. In fact, I'll buck the trend and say I like this game far better than either of the Baldur's Gate games. (Though I think Planescape:Torment still holds the D&D crpg title)

Having said that: I've noticed a few things that differ from my dim recollections of playing PnP D&D a few years back, like the small amount of prestige classes available. The most obvious examples to me are the lack of the Archmage and Hierophant classes, but there are others like the Guild Thief, The Gnome Artificer, The Battlerager, The Arcane Trickster, etc that seem to be missing. That's by no means a gamebreaker, but I find it odd that they aren't available while these others are. The selection seems especially weak for arcane spellcasters. Also its odd that they include the Harper Scout but not the Harper Priest or Harper Mage IMO. Is there a mod somewhere that can add these or other prestige classes back into the game?

There seem to be a few missing feats as well, especially FR specific ones and I've yet to see any subraces when I click that option, just a type in box that seems to do nothing no matter which subrace you enter (Though to be fair I'm still playing about with class/race combos in the original module). Outside of these things this game does a better job of giving me a D&D 'feel' than any other game available I've tried and that includes Planescape:Torment.
I am not sure what BioWare's designs were in choosing the prestige classes they decided to include. I know that <span class="podkreslenie">the PRC</span> makes a fair number of these missing prestige classes available, though we do not use it on Higher Ground. We definitely felt the lack of casting prestige classes, so a good number of our script-based [url=]Quasiclasses[/url] are caster-oriented.

Beyond the character customization functionality for deciding a subrace, entering anything in that field will do nothing without modifications. Like many persistent worlds, we do use that functionality as part of our <span class="podkreslenie">Subrace</span> system however, along with other PnP sourced changes we have made (like implementing radial spellcasting abilities for Blackguards and Assassins).

Suffice to say, if you're looking for more D&D than vanilla NWN can provide, look to the <span class="podkreslenie">persistent worlds</span> and community modifications</span>.