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I've run into a problem while playing NWN2 tonight and it's got me completely puzzled and frustrated. I believe I've inadvertently done something that I don't know how to undo.

My party won't utilize their AI settings for some reason. Despite checking everyone's behaviour, reloading, relaunching the game, nothing seems to work. I believe the change happened during a battle because up to that point there was never any issues.

If I am controlling my PC the rest of the party won't follow. If I assume control of another member, my PC will follow and act as programmed but the others stand there. It doesn't matter which character I pick, my PC will always act proper.

Does anyone know what I've done? Thanks!
Post edited March 14, 2015 by Sorcery
In the behaviour tab, make sure you don't have 'Puppet Mode' set to 'On'. Puppet mode effectively removes party member AI, and you have to issue all commands yourself.
I made sure everyone's bevhaviour was set to puppet mode off but what fixed the issue was returning to the inn and switching the party in and out. Now they act proper. That was weird.

Glad its fixed. Thanks for the reply!
Down the bottom left of the screen, next to the eye icon which brings up the options, character menu etc there's a button which toggles party member AI on and off. I'm guessing you had accidentally clicked on that.
It happens a lot sometimes - Just right click their portrait > issue command > attack nearest.
They follow you again and attack again. Doesn't matter if you're in combat or not.