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I've just bought NVN and want to play with my friends. They both own the non diamond retail version, and I have the GOG diamond version.
Now, we would like to LAN at some point, mostly with internet access but sometimes without. Is this possible?

Also, is it even possible the lan with one GOG ver. and two retail ver.? It's just a matter of update versions right? (The gog version should have the latest right?)
And my expansion packs (The diamond thing) shouldn't affect anything right?

I think if you try playing OC doesn't affect but bot are them need latest patch . It's 1.69 :)
The GoG version is the latest version, and your friends will need to be fully-patched. The official servers for NWN are dead, so you either need to direct connect or use a third party service. When logging in, just enter any username/password combination; authentication will fail (since the servers are dead) but you can proceed anyways.

Make sure the host has correctly set up his router for port forwarding.