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Could you please post instructions on what you mean by The Waybackmachine, and how you use it?
Wayback Machine
dudalb: Could you please post instructions on what you mean by The Waybackmachine, and how you use it?
Urknighterrant was fater. :) Use the link he provided, insert the old NWN IGN website URL, select the first date you see that works (eg. 14 May I think) by clicking on a date in a yellow circle and voilá! You're there.
Hate to ask again, but could somebody please post the old NWN IGN Url?
Here you go!
And don't worry, it's fine!
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is where you need to be. I think the link is posted above.

All NWN and NWN2 content was, one way or another trawled from the vault and placed onto hard drives for safekeeping. Much of this is available on the new vault and anything is available on request.

The community is far from dead, it is alive on the bioware forums and the very fact that the vault 2 exists, through the hard work of many and the financial efforts of a few shows that the community has a long way to go yet.

Chipster: The issue with the action that IGN pulled is that even though the new Vault staff had backed-up the files themselves, the peripheral information like images & descriptions were not scraped out, at least that';s been my impression. I could be wrong, though. All the metadata may have been retrieved.
All data has been backed up. The problem at the moment is that they need to migrate the data, which is a huge task. You can't just dump the data on the new site, its far from being simple like that.