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Just thought I'd mention about bringing my NWN PW back online...

With the recently release of NWN 1 on Good Ole Games (, I've decided to bring back online this persistent world (PW). There are no quests, there isn't even a story... What there is, though, are plenty of monsters waiting to meet you and give you their treasure.

This PW contains the following custom scripting:
Ambient AI
Combat AI
Dynamic Treasure (Creatures, Trader Merchants & Chests)
Module wide weather
To-Party transports
To-Town transports
Site to Site transports

You'll find it in the Gamespy listing as the Colony of Gamers server with the module name of Midgard v1-110810-1230. The last part of the name will changes due to subsequent builds of the module. If you'd rather direct connect, you can do so via

Have a great time and thanks to GoG from bringing NWN 1 back! :)
Post edited November 08, 2010 by Bacalou
Maybe I will. :o
I might drop by later. I like a good hack and slash session every now and then.