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Hi there everyone,

We just discovered this site and its NWN community, so I thought it would be great if we let you know about a recent review that was just published a few days ago on a smashing NWN1 module called 'Revenant'

The NWVault Reviewer's Guild have a new module review just published. Revenant by McV was reviewed by Shia Luck, a most talented and entertaining reviewer.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading Shia's review, a huge amount of time and effort went into it and we are sure that you will find it a ripping read. We'd appreciate any comments or feedback you have on this review or any others we've done, and you can post those comments on our forums or here.

All the best and happy gaming!

Great review and pretty interesting module. I downloaded it based on the review and started playing - the mechanics are nifty. I love that you get XP by doing skills like Spot/Search/Listen (all done automatically that I Have noticed). You can even find treasure on the ground by just walking around and succeeding on a Spot check.

It seems like non-melee focused builds may have trouble here, since you are Undead most folks don't take kindly to you (I had a nasty run in with some guards in the first town :/)

I recommend people looking for a new SP experience look at this module
I am happy you enjoyed the review and that it helped you. *beaming*.. It is why we write them after all *grin*.

It IS a wonderful module, no? Something very different.. :)