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Hello fine NWN companions, I have a quick question. I am somewhat new to NWN 2. I had an odd glitch that happens a lot, and after a lot of research I couldn't find any other cases. So I am requesting your help to understand the problem. I host a LAN game for my girlfriend, and I also play a multiplayer game with my best friend. In both cases, all of us will experience a bug in which we are walking in our game, but the other individuals see them standing still. Eventually the game will register that they/I are not moving and they/I will glitch back. It happens to all of us, and quite often. It can't be a lag issue because even me the host experiences it. So I was wondering if we are the only one or not? We all have the extended client mod. Thanks.
tl:dr My game registers my movement, but the others see me standing there. Eventually I get teleported back to where desync started.
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