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Hey everyone,

So I've been playing this game for a while and this is really starting to annoy me, to the point of thinking about stopping playing at all.

What happens is this: whenever my pc is moving all the other party members are stuck. Their animation show them moving their legs, but they do not move from the place they are standing (as if opposed by an invisible wall) until the Pc stops , then they start moving again (I only use my mouse to move characters).

So I have to keep moving very small distances and stopping all the time for the rest of the party to catch up (or else I'd find myself alone - as a mage - to fight for myself).

I have tried to disable AA (both in the game and directly through Nvidia menu) but that made no difference.

Can anyone help me, please?
(I have a Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, playing on a dell notebook).
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I installed the Client Extension and runned the game through it, seems to have solved this issue. Going to play some more to see if everything is ok as well.
Try using group selection. I have a binding to Q key myself (because of Corsair) .. so I can move everyone at once over long distanced (rebind under misc... a little late but may help someone else)