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Is there any way to set the camera sensitivity in NWN 2? When I tap the border with cursor to adjust camera angle, it spins much too fast and it's extremely difficult to get a decent point of view, to the point where the game's nearly unplayable. Didn't have this issue with NWN 1.
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stevef: Is there any way to set the camera sensitivity in NWN 2?
Have you tried using the cursor keys to move the camera? The spinning speed seems fine to me, when I do it this way.

Still, should that not work for you, then there are other options you could try. This guide details all of them, and should help you to set up the camera (almost) any way you like.
The NWN 2 Vault guide was exactly what I was looking for -- thanks much Gaunathor. I will also try the cursor keys.
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