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Hello Everyone. I recently bought NWN 2 (downloaded trough GOG Galaxy) and encountered this bug tht i have not seen described so far in any forum.

In the original campaign i went with City Watch in Fihelis quest. Well i get to the second floor,find moire, kill her but ..... Fihelis isnt there! Ive seen in youtube videos were he ought to be and he just isnt there. Now in any other place of the house. Problem is .. I also lack a previos savegame (I thought he was in other part of the house so i kept searching and overwrote mu savegame afterwards)

Have i by some accident killed him? IS there any way to respawn him?Pls help
I've also encountered this problem. Googling it seems to only suggest using console/debug commands. Anyone found a workaround?
same happened to me - although I caught the bug trigger I think.... the companions run off to the end room and the dialogue scene crashes, previous savegames didn't seem to help - I had three, one in the house, one before and one before I got the quest, whatever the glitch it must be dramatic --- all saves have an empty room once you get there.... I created a new character and started again as soon as I got to the room it was already open and cleared... very unhappy... luckily there are other modules available, but vary unhappy it doesn't look like I'll get to do the main quest...