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I just recently downloaded the game to play it again after a few years, and in the game I've noticed that character themselves are very laggy when moving. The game itself is not, just the characters. They sort of shake back and forth as they move, both in cutscenes and in gameplay. It's like they rubberband a few inches in either direction while they're moving. Other than that everything else appears to be perfectly fine, although, I haven't gotten any farther than signing up for the fair in the tutorial, and I have not yet gotten into combat, so I can't say how that is.

Initially I thought that it was just the character I had made at first (an extra short halfing), assuming that the game's engine didn't like how small the character was compared to the rest of the characters. However, I've made several other characters of varying races and heights and the problem persists.
I have tried turning all of my graphics turned down to the lowest settings, which didn't fix it, and even on the highest settings the problem will not go away. I am on a 1920x1080 monitor, but I don't recall having this problem the last time I played on this same monitor, or any other time for that matter, so any recommendations to fix the problem would be appreciated.
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This fix was made for Jade Empire, but it works just the same for NWN2, just put d3d9.dll in your main NWN2 Complete folder.
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That Jade Empire file will fix this problem