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Just looking for opinions on this.
I've played the OC before (as Ranger-Rogue and as Sorceror) and now, after a long break, I'm playing again as a Warlock.
It may not be the most powerful class but that's ok.

I'm just wondering, from anyone with experience/knowledge of this, whether it's better to keep the pure-class warlock for all 20 levels (or whatever the cap is) or whether it's worth taking a few levels of the Hellfire Warlock prestige class (possibly going to play MOTB with same character afterwards so bear that in mind).

Basically, which offers the most advantages in terms of power / fun?
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Definitely take the Hellfire Warlock PRC.

Firstly, it's very powerful. Your damage will be mediocre as a warlock until you hit epic levels, but with the Hellfire class that changes.

Secondly, you can circumvent the downside (CON damage if you use the abilities) by stocking lots of lesser restoration potions (which are cheap) or getting a friendly cleric to cast Death Ward on you, or getting an item that prevents ability drain. The latter two solutions can be regarded as cheats, but eh. It's not like warlocks are overpowered even with this bonus damage.
As for levels lost: the Hellfire 'lock stacks with your normal warlock level for everything that matters, and it's only 3 levels anyway. In Mask of the Betrayer you can reach level 30, so you lose hardly anything by taking the prestige class. (Specifically, you lose 1 bonus feat and 5 points of Energy Resistance. To which we respond with a hearty "meh.")

Thirdly, it lets you summon some cool demons that will be very strong when you get them. Funnily enough you can even summon some of the plot-involved demons from the OC. Including Neeshka. That's in Storm of Zehir, though. I wonder what will happen if you try it in the OC.

Fourthy, finally, and most importantly: it makes your character look very cool.
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Cool - thanks for the info :)