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I'm at Fort Locke, thinking of crafting some mail with darksteel or adamantium. Only one ingot of each seems to be available from the smith, with a second ingot of darksteel from Galen. This makes it impossible to forge full plate, because I need three ingots of the same type.

Is there another way to buy / find enough ingots of either at this stage of the game? I've cleared out the graveyard and crypts, but have yet to go through the bandit camp.
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It sounds like you're almost done at Fort Locke. I think your best bet is to finish up there and move on to the next stop, Highcliff, where there's another armourer who might have another bar for you. I'd guess the scarcity of the materials is part of the effort to keep you from getting too powerful too early, along with the higher skill requirement for crafting with those materials.
OK, that makes sense. Just kitting out Khelgar in full plate is already a big upgrade.
usually crafting in anything except mithril isn't worth it, with admantine the miniscule 3 protection really doesn't do much at higher levels. Sure a punch from a basic kobold is noticeable, but when fighting higher level mobs, having 3-6 admantine protection? not really worth the effort. I think it used to be 5 early on and was switched to 3. Maybe at 5 it was good long ago, but not so much now. The best thing to do is use admantine for weapons for your warriors so if you run into a foe with stone-like defenses (golems, etc) and a few others, your weapon can actually punch through to cause damage.

I always make such weapons for my warriors just in case, and the rest for just crafting and re-selling armor for profit, same with the other ingredients. Mithril is very nice you can outfit people in mithril armor for lighter use, and its excellent protection. Useless on weapons.

So for the warrior types keep a pair of iron and silver weapons, enchant them later for your normal use, have an admantine weapons for a few select foes, mithril armor, and just craft and resell items for profit with all your other crafting ingredients. A quick search will show you what the best resell items are for each material.

My warrior might have his 3 greatswords so he can use which ever one is suited for the situation (alchemical silver, iron, and admantine). Again, protected foes are rare that need admantine to punch through, but in those few instances its nice. Usually you are just using like your silver +5 greatsword of acid and holy damage, you get the idea.