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Act 1 working for Axle, moved his weapon shipment, defended warehouse, supervisor says to report to Moire at Axle's, but only Axle is there, who also says report to Moire. Checked her old office and she's not there either. Any idea where to find her/how to spawn her/ how to trigger the next dialogue line from Axle?

Thanks I'll be waiting outside talking to Deekin

Mods - Fixes, Client, Health Bars
Having the same issue. Were you ever able to fix it?
I just played through that story on the other branch - on the side of the City Watch. So if there’s no solution to the bug on the criminal path and you have an earlier save, you can get past by helping the Watch instead. Not optimal if you want to go the other path, but at least it works.
For anyone dealing with the same issue, I figured out what it was. The AI setting that causes NPC's to enter stealth mode was making her invisible. She was actually there in Axle's office the whole time. Either disable that setting temporarily or possess her in the DM client, de-stealth, and then talk to her.
I managed to start the game in DMC mode but I couldn't load any SP save in it.

What I had to do was move out all the files from Override (remove Mods) folder in NWN2 and then load a save where I didn't enter the house she was stealthed in. If I load current save I wouldn't find her as her sneak would be already engaged.

It happened to me on getting the Weapon Shipment quest, thankfully I save in 3 slots so I had a save that lost 1 hour of gameplay but saved this playthrough :) After being done with her I reinstalled mods.
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If the issue is that she is stealthed, you could temporarily increase your character's wisdom on the console to boost your spot skill to the point she is detected and then return it to normal after the conversation is over.