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Dear folks, Longtime Fan of NWN1 - I made a few really big dungeons back in the day (Valinor Crumbles), (Rise of the Overlich) - Anyhow Imaged my NWN Diamond long ago and thru Virtual Disc Tech, Really got into replaying it.
I have it working great on my Desktop, So I know My Image and My Patch Apps I have still work - That systtem is an
4770t 16 gn 1050ti - Runs great. Vista or XP mode flawless..

After a long time trying, I finally got it to load on this NuVision Tablet I have Running windows 10...
It loaded, it patched successfully to 1.69 I can open the game, in XP or Vista Mode, just like my Win 7, I can access the menus, pick my mod and my char. but. the LEVEL takes 45 mins to load, if not longer... The system plays back the intro movie flawlessly, not sure why loading the level cause insaneoflex lag, but would really love to Dedicate this tablet to NWN1 Gaming if i could its virtually worthless otherwise

Anyway its a NuVision, Win 10, 2 GB, Intel Atom 1.33 ghz cpu Z3735f, Intel Integrated (0x1027) ()x2014) Rev F 620 Mhz Gpu.

Weird stuff came up in the .Ini Like number of Cpus 255, The screen resolution being 130,000x 9,000000, gajillion pixels, thinking i had 2 GB of Vram when the system has that in total, Fixed all that, tried Affinities, seems to crash the exact same way no matter how low res i go with the screen. 1024x768 is as low as the Tablet lets me dial down to. tried setting the ram parameters each to 512 Mb so that it didnt go over my 2gb nothing works. Lag on Load 45 mins every time.

Again my Win 7 Install on my Haswell system with 16 GB, and SSD, and a 1050ti works great, so I know I can install it.
It was very hard to get loaded on the tablet, I could not get both the disc image and the game on there at once so i shared the disc image from the desktop system and installed from that without the .ISO type file on the Tablet itself, but avail as a shared network drive, AND turning all the power crap stuff off so it didn't blink out while installing. FINALLY got it on there, parched, chars and mods loaded!!! Only to fail hard on the Loading Level screen every time.
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I don't have much experience with tablets, but you can try copying the entire NWN folder from your PC to your tablet without installing.