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OK, so I've been looking to play NWN for a while, but I have a few issues that I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done about them. I do also realize that I might see more response on the Neverwinter Vault, but I don't feel like making another account right now. (I have too many and really need to do an inventory of my accounts and passwords. I've already permanently, as far as I can tell, lost my Minecraft login, so....)

1) Level cap. Is there any way to change it (even hex editing the .exe is fine, I've done that before). So far, I've found the xptable.2da and exptable.2da files as well as the nwnplayer.ini max level option, but changing all of these does not help. I realize that normally this isn't an issue (for OC and most modules), but I like the extra freedom. Plus, I'm just ideologically opposed to most level caps (especially for cRPGs), and I don't really mind being overpowered in some cases.

2) More multiclassing. Is there any way at all to allow more than 3 total classes on a character. This one I'm less hopeful than the above, but I would really like this, especially seeing all the fun community content that adds new classes (mainly the PRC). Again, I really just like the freedom and the ability to mess around with this stuff.

3) Retroactive skill points. This one has always been a pet peeve of mine for a lot of RPGs. Is there a way to make skill points handed out retroactively on an intelligence score increase (like constitution). I looked through some of the scripts, but couldn't find anything. This one seems like it should be possible. I just hate knowing that INT as a stat is so easily metagamed. I'm at least happy that nwnplayer.ini lets you get max HP and the game has retroactive CON.

4) This is a bit different. I know that the PRC says that you need to use an external character creator. Is there any way around this, to use the built-in creator. I read somewhere that you need NWNCX (easy enough), but nowhere did I see anything more about it (what plugins are needed, does it need to work in tandem with an NWNX server, etc.).

Hopefully some people can help. Again, if I don't get solid answers, I very well may make an account on the Vault and post there, but I'll probably wait a while.
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1) Sure, by scripting. Legendary PWs do it all the time. I use a trainer occasionally that does that even though I've never had a situation where I needed to use it. The trainer is vanilla so no custom resources needed to exceed Level 40.

2) I'm fairly certain this is a definite NO. Else it would be a different game and it would be called NWN2. (TBH I'm a longtime toon builder from PnP & NWN and have always salivated over the possibility even realizing the intrinsic constraints of the game.)

3) I'm not sure I agree with your description of the dynamics. If you mean that as one increases INT (like every 4 levels and by feats), they would apply the total up to each level as if the ending INT level had been that level from creation... I doubt it. If nothing else, multiclass tracking would be an algorithmic nightmare even if you ignored the game's rules entirely (as it certainly would).

4) Yeah, NWNCX is probably the answer to all these sorts of customizations. Leto works but I suppose that run outside the game's GUI. I know little of the PRC and have little experience trying to get it to remain compatible with other custom resources like CEP and CPP, etc. so it will remain a mystery.

I'm guessing your best bet is to get that NWVault account and ask the same questions where the builders, designers and implementers still check in regularly. That's where I go.
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For 3, you can give yourself extra skill points manually when levelling up, although it's a bit of a pain. You'll need to work out how many skill points you're missing out on, and then use the console to temporarily boost your Int to the appropriate level to get that many extra as you level up. After levelling, use the console again to lower your Int to its normal level (plus the bonus you presumably put into it when you levelled). If you're multiclassing, this won't give you the right class skill/cross class skill lists for the "retroactive" skill points, but you can probably approximate it by working everything out by hand and then giving yourself more/less actual skill points to bring your skill ranks to the correct level.

Edit: Alternatively, after raising your int, just use the console to reset your level to 1, then use it again to give yourself the amount of xp you had originally. Then just go through the whole level up process again; the game will have wiped the skill points you invested originally and will give you the appropriate amount more. I suspect that the game will reset ability score gains, though, so after delevelling you'll probably have to use the console to increase your int appropriately (and then when redoing your levelling up, put the increases you actually put into int in strength or something, and use the console to remove them once you're done). Be careful doing this if you're playing a wizard, though; I have a nasty feeling it might wipe your spellbook. Save first, and check.
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