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Both games are working perfectly for me on Windows 10 using the path c:/gog games/
Sorry to necropost but I'm having this issue on a brand new HP Win 10 Home Intel i5-10400 CPU, 2.9 GHz 16 GB Ram and 1.8 TB Memory. Held off Win 10 forever but old computer fried so having to re-do a lot of games. My major issue so far is the idiotic "One-Drive", it was auto duplicating all my downloads and get trying to hit me up for more $. Tried to clear it out - but if you do those Arsewipes at MicroSoft have arranged that you delete the filed *everywhere* on your PC. So I"m having to go back and re-load after making damn sure the "One-Drive" is disabled.
Does anyone know if the companion(s) you are not using get xp?
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I can't remember for NWN2, but in the NWN1 OC and expansions, if your companion is too far behind you in level you can talk to them and manually get them to level up, so they'll always be at maximum 1 level behind you.