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Hello everyone,

Me and my friend managed to play this game online via Tungle.

Alas the game crashes often and after recreating a character and reaching Neverwinter, we managed to play safely.

The game crashes very often especially during loading screens when I try for instance to go to another district in Neverwinter.

The error message says "Neverwinter Nights 2 stopped" or sthg generic like that.

The game has been crashing 2 times in a row as I tried to go to Blacklake (Lacnoir, any French?) district.

Any idea how to fix the problem? Those crashes really do our heads in.



EDIT: I also can't see my friend's game being hosted in the list. I managed to go beyond the zone in the Dock's district but then again the chances my game crashes are actually high.

Any helP,
Post edited April 19, 2017 by Grayef