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I legitimately purchased all of the premium modules for neverwinter nights 1, however, due to the complete shutdown of everything server wise I cannot play them at all (Other than the ones for diamond edition which require no authentication)... Is there any way to bypass the authentication check? This is COMPLETELY ridiculous that I can't access content that I paid for! Especially since I really adored Pirates of the Sword Coast.
Post edited October 05, 2013 by TymonTheThief
You are able to play the premium modules without the server. I just successfully loaded the Infinite Dungeons premium module past the authentication screen.
And I just successfully started a Pirates of the Sword Coast game. The authentication dialog shows briefly, and then disappears.
Bah... The game made a liar out of me. When I first posted that, the authentication dialog was literally up for like 5-10 minutes... I exited out of the game and made that post. 6 hours later now it's actually passing, go figure. Not sure what the heck was up, but thanks anyway!