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Just a prod to say that I will be releasing a new module for NWN2 in the next few weeks. It carries on from my Tales From The Lake of Sorrows campaign so you can use your exported character from that. Gameplay is about 8 hours and will take you from level 14 to 17.

It is set in the seedy docklands of Water deep and I would describe it as low fantasy story led and roleplaying heavy. It tells the further story of Honour, your companion from the first modules, and her attempts to meet her estranged mother. Further modules in the series will concern her efforts to bring her long dead father back from the vault of the damned.

This module, like my main campaign is all about the story and the companions you travel with. In it you are not saving the world, there are no dragons (yet) nor gods telling you what to do neither are you the lost son/daughter of any deity. You are simply a young adventurer who makes good :D I hope it is a story you enjoy.

If you have not played the main campaign then now might be a good time :)

That is set in the region of Neverwinter at the same time as the OC and SoZ. It is in the same style as my latest mod (though the first two mods are clearly not so polished as I was learning the toolset at the time)

The first main campaign is around 30 hours and takes your character from 1st to 14th level.

The mod can be found on Vault 1 and Vault 2 as well as the Nexus. I am not allowed to link it, I guess to prevent spamming.

I hope you enjoy, I will post a link here when the mod is published.

Thanks for reading

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I've got enough rep to post links. Here's the Tales from the Lake of Sorrows link.
Thank you Darvin, I did not know it was rep I needed.

Here's the link to Tales from the Lake of Sorrows on Nexus (must be logged in to view adult content).

And on Vault 2.
Thank you :)
It's up on the Neverwinter Vault and Nexus. Please give it a try and tell me what you think.



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Your Nexus link is broken: it's a generic link for managing your own mods. I have fixed it to correctly point to your mod in this quote.
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Thanks for that, I must have pulled the link off the wrong page.