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Eons ago (back in 2004), my friend Adam and I started a Neverwinter Nights machinima called "Neverending Nights." In 2013, I finished a 65 episode series.

Just last year, I went back and decided to redo them (a lot of the earlier ones were 800x600 resolution, used horrible editors that killed the quality of the video, etc). I have been redoing them in 1080p.

If you wanted to check it out...
I remember this, it was awful, and I enjoyed it lol. It reminded me a bit of early Red vs Blue in a way (maybe it's that opening line).

I'm not into machinima but if you're into that and like Neverwinter Nights I'd say it's worth having a look at a few episodes to see if you like it.


On another note, about the site and videos. You could save yourself loads of bandwidth and storage, with some site tweaks, and then far more on the videos via encoding options.

You seem to have an almost 3MB .png image for each episode on the page (I presume an image for each episode since I stopped the page loading because it takes way to long on my connection), that's going to be over 100MB just for a webpage to load. You could instead use thumbnails which link to the full image. Also jpg would be fine for the screenshots and would take the sizes from about 3MB to 0.75MB per image (generally doing so some colour loss would be worst of it, such as reds, but still well worth it even in those cases for something like this).

With your video files you could also cut back a lot with some decent encoding settings.

For example here are two screenshots, one is from your 248MB video and another of that same video file re-encoded down to just 25MB (including 2MB for the audio track), so down to about 10% of the original total size including unchanged audio.

Opening both images so you can instantly flip between them is a good way to spot differences. Keep in mind re-encoding something inevitably means something is lost, but also that just because there's a difference doesn't mean one is inferior. Due to the nature of video encoding some things can simply look different, slightly moved, etc.

If you have a hard time telling which image is from which video with one video being close to only 10% the size, it's a good indicator you could save yourself loads of bandwidth/storage if you wanted, and for the people downloading it from you.

Just a thought, but looking at the two images you could decide for yourself if the difference is worth adding over 220MB to the 25MB video file.

edit, Oh one other thing, I don't remember if it works with Neverwinter Nights, but it looks like it would be worth trying to force Anisotropic Filtering for the game through the graphics driver. It could lower the blurriness on oblique/angled surfaces ingame, such as the ceiling, table tops, floor, as seen in those screenshots for example.
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