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Hi fellow Neverwinter Nights fans,

A while ago I realized that (afaik) NWN didn't have its own Discord channel, I thought it was time to change that. I know that some servers out there have their own and some websites as well, but as a whole I could not find one. So join us! The channel is dedicated to sharing adventures be it on servers or in the OG Campaigns, fun stories, basically everything that can bring NWN players closer together.

It is simply called Neverwinter Nights. See the link below posted below by Tara. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post links yet.

If you own a server we can also setup a room for your server no problem!

If this could be stickied I would be forever grateful.

Questions, should you have some, just shoot.

- Drake
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I would like to join pls
Addict-Ant: I would like to join pls
Same name on discord?
Here is the link for anyone who wishes to join. :)
Don't forget to join! We have servers for both NWN1 and 2. We also have a lot of dedicated people that can help answer you questions about Neverwinter Nights.