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I'm playing with my bro in the OC. My original idea was to make a a heavily armored Arcane Archer. 6 levels of fighter, 1 level of wiz, the rest AA.

I'm lvl 3 right now and I have 18 DEX right now with a modifier of +4.
My Attack Bonus with my long bow is +8. If I attack a creature, it shows +8. +3 Attack from the 3 fighter levels, +4 from the DEX bonus, and another +1 from somewhere else (maybe my point blank shot?).

But then I got half-plate armor, which has a maximum dex bonus of +1. I cursed my stupidity b/c that should mean that I can only have a Dex bonus of +1 (which shows up on my character sheet), which should make my attack bonus only +5. But I noticed that my Attack was still +8 with the armor on. I tried attacking and I'm still attacking at +8.

So, my question: Does armor drop your attack bonus with bows? And if so, why didn't it do that for me? And if it does, is there a feat that I can take that will negate it?

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This question / problem has been solved by NWNDMimage
Armor only impacts your AC bonus maximum from high dexterity.