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I have issue my savgame get lost ~ 80% time after PC reset.

I checked the folder and reset are there but they are override after while and even backup them/rename seems does not help (so i guess saves becoem somehow corrupted)

I was able apply workaround that allowed me finish SoU - make manual savegame before leave the game. next titme all auto and quicksave were lost but this one save remained. But right now I lost even this during normal campaign which makes the game totally unplayable anymore.

My friend google dont offer any help, so.. anyone has similar issues or advice how sovle this and enjoy the game again?

Thank you

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Try verify your computer against virus. IF this won't work, check the folder permissions (if is read-only), if nothing works you can try upload your save to a mediafire and download after each reset.
I have played 1000+ hours of NWN and have never had an issue with save games.

But it should be noted that NWN doesn't treat quick saves and auto save like many other newer RPGs.

NWN does not create multiple quicksaves, nor multiple auto saves.

There is only one of each. These get overwritten all the time. This is buy design.

If you want to have a permanent save file, you have do a manual save and give it a unique name.
This might help.