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This wouldn't work with my diamond edition DVD would it?
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Not *yet* ;)

I own the DVD, so I will work on it at some point.
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vv221: Not *yet* ;)

I own the DVD, so I will work on it at some point.
Awesome, I'll keep watching for updates. I have three copies on DVD.

I went ahead and bought one more copy from GOG just so I could try this. It looks like it installed fine but I can't seem to get it to run. If I'm in the install directory and run "sudo ./nwn" I get a black screen with the NWN music playing. And I can't get out of that, have to reboot.
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You don’t need to run the game from the nwn binary, and you *should* not use sudo.
Run the game by the menu entry, or by the command 'neverwinter-nights'.
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vv221: You don’t need to run the game from the nwn binary, and you *should* not use sudo.
Run the game by the menu entry, or by the command 'neverwinter-nights'.
I tried the menu entry and the command 'neverwinter-nights', both just sit there. I'll look at it again when I get home from work in a couple of hours. Thanks
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Does the 'neverwinter-nights' command give you any feedback in the console?
I'm hoping you can help me out. I created the debian package on my old laptop a few weeks ago and everything has been running great. I'm now going to install on a new machine also running the same linux distro. Is there anyway you can post the command to run the install reusing my deb package? I remember that after running the script it provided that information but since I saved the package maybe I can just save those steps? Are there any special parameters or can you just run a dpkg install?
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There’s two steps to follow (both as root or via sudo):
1. run a 'dpkg -i /some/path/to/neverwinter-nights_*.deb' to install the game
2. run 'apt-get install -f' to install the package dependencies

It might be a good idea to add these instructions to the download page, I’ll think of a way to present them.
Thanks for this great work! I would like to share my experience with ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin and this script in case it helps someone else.

I had to install realpath, but that's been already in this thread mentioned.

I found innoextract for precise in the following ppa:
And mpv here:

(GOG doesn't allow me to post links, so remove the REMOVETHIS from above)
Problems and workarounds
I tried the following:
./ --lang=es --with-nwmovies --compression=gzip

And I got the following error:
df: opción no reconocida «--output=avail»
Pruebe `df --help' para más información.
./ 504: [: -ge: unexpected operator

My df version doesn't have the option --output (coreutils 8.13)
So I just hacked the condition a little bit, from:
if [ $(df --output=avail /tmp | tail -n1) -ge $((${GAME_FULL_SIZE}*2)) ]; then
if [ 2 -ge 1 ]; then

(after making sure that there was enough free space in /tmp because I believe that's what happens there)
The second error was after creating the packge:
dpkg -i neverwinter-nights_1.68.8099-gog2.1.0.19_i386.deb
Seleccionando el paquete neverwinter-nights:i386 previamente no seleccionado.
(Leyendo la base de datos ... 498923 ficheros o directorios instalados actualmente.)
Desempaquetando neverwinter-nights:i386 (de neverwinter-nights_1.68.8099-gog2.1.0.19_i386.deb) ...
dpkg: problemas de dependencias impiden la configuración de neverwinter-nights:i386:
neverwinter-nights:i386 depende de libsdl1.2debian.
neverwinter-nights:i386 depende de mpv:any | mpv.
dpkg: error al procesar neverwinter-nights:i386 (--install):
problemas de dependencias - se deja sin configurar
Se encontraron errores al procesar:

This «­mpv:any» is apparently not allowed with my dpkg version so I changed the following line in the script again:
PKG1_DEPS="${PKG1_DEPS}, mpv:amd64|mpv"

And that was it! Now it works with movies and all. I haven't been able to connect to multiplayer, but I think that's another problem.

I think GOG should make binaries for this game, maybe using your script as base. But anyway, thanks a lot vv221 for all the work. It is really nice to have a deb package. Merci, Monsieur!!! :D
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Thank you or the detailed report!
I’m going to do a new pass on this script soon and try to improve the parts that gave you some difficulties.

For realpath I’ll simply add it to the dependencies check so the script will fail with an explicit error if the command isn’t available, instead of going on anyway and failing without explication later.

For df I’ll see if I can find a more backeward compatible way do do this test (you got what it should do, checking free space in /tmp to see if the package can be built there).

About the mpv dependency I’m actually suprised I left the 'any' dependency that will cause problems for some people. I should be able to use a more compatible way to do this check quite easily.

Lastly about multiplayer, I didn’t test it yet but will do it. If in the meantime you can find some way to get it working please share it here ;)
Hello, any chances to make script for polish version of NWN? I learning english but full english RPG its still too much for me.
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Sure, I'm working on it as soon as I have some free time ;-)
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vv221: Sure, I'm working on it as soon as I have some free time ;-)
Thanks, I'll be waiting! :)
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Trzyzrt: (…)
vv221: Sure, I'm working on it as soon as I have some free time ;-)
Thanks for your help =,).
Excellent travail, merci beaucoup!
Faudrait juste mettre à jour le script pour l'installation en français: