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Okay so I've been trying a bunch of different classes and alignments just to feel out the game and how things work. I was playing an evil monk and clicked to attack a family in their homes just to see what the game would do. Anyway when my monk socked the kid, no damage and the kid starts attacking me. Strangely doing decent damage. To make matters worse, there is no reversing this mistake. The kid continues to follow me wherever I go and continue beating on me even when I enter the Beggar's Nest. I've already started over etc. But wow evidently the children of Neverwinter are demigods and there is no forgiving the sin of attacking them by accident when attacking their parents.
It's their special way of telling you to quit monk-eying around.
ZIIIIING just did :D

since it was an experiment im guessing that it doesnt matter if you reload a save before this happened...