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NWN1 has some horrendous design decisions in XP... namely:
1. Familiars horrendously drain your XP
2. Animal companions horrendously drain your XP.
3. Summons horrendously drain your XP.
4. Henchmen horrendously drain your XP.
5. Certain type of multi classing horrendously drain your XP.

Each and every one of those is utterly moronic and drastically reduces the enjoyment one can have from the game...
anyone knows of a script/mod/hak whatever that eliminates any or all of those?
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Play solo with a carefully planned build.

Essentially you're asking for a cheat, so you can have 5 zillion other characters helping yours and choose any combination you want without making any real choices.

This is the strategic part of the game. Use summons and familiars when you need them. Dismiss them when you don't. Pick a race with a favored class that matches your desired first one, so you can match others without penalty. It's really not as hard as you're making it out to be.
Playing with the 3.5 rules can fix many flaws as NWN is based is the not so good D&D3 (but far best than previous versions of D&D).
Q: How do I simulate the BioWare xp system but without henchman xp penalties?

A: You will need to set the variables to the following:


Besides not losing xp from pets, all classes will gain the same xp. Mages will no longer be treated as lower level than they actually are.
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Thank you, who are you quoting though and where do i set those variables? in the console? in the module? do i need to edit the module i am play with the toolset with the custom variables you mentioned to remove said penalties for that module only?

I found the answer... thanks to googling the exact sentence you quoted and then doing some detective work...

what you quote are instructions from the faq of the following hak pack:

you need to:
1. make a custom module
2. integrate that hak pack with that custom module
3. set the variables as described there for said custom module.
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I believe you can just put that in the override folder, not modify every module with a hak pack. Then it will affect everything you play.
CheeseshireCat: I believe you can just put that in the override folder, not modify every module with a hak pack. Then it will affect everything you play.
the problem with that, is that by default that hak does not modify XP gain, it is an optional feature that must be enabled on a module by module basis.
if you put it in the override, all the non optional and all the "on by default" optional features will be enabled, but not off by default optional features.