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Is there a way to teleport? I have seen that you can go "DebugMode 1", then left click somewhere and then press NUM + to teleport there, that doesnt work for me though.

I ask because I, stupidly, gave the golem the lightning bolt on hit mod as it's a nice idea. Anyway because this game is a mess the lightning bolt can attack the environment for no discernable reason. It destroyed the torch sconce I need to use to get over a lava pit with the demon grappling arm (as well as destroying the lava, so it is just an empty gorge). I forgot to save for a little while and really dont want to go through however much gameplay the last save was to get back to this point.

Seriously though, this game is a mess.

NWN 1 by the way. NWN 2 has a teleport spell from what I gathered from a quick search.

Never mind, figured something out. The command "dm_jumptopoint" is supposed to require an area reference to work but if you dont have one it will just accept being used without an area reference to teleport you within the current map.

Seriously though, what a mess this game is :D.
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As something completely unrelated since I dont want to start another thread.

This is in regards to NWN 2 now.

Does taking levels in Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep not have any downsides at all for a pure wizard? From what I can gather it doesnt seem to, unless you were planning on not taking metamagic feats which wouldnt make sense.

I suppose the mandatory skill specialisation perks could kind of be considered a downside, but you gain more perks that you were probably going to take anyway so that seems to more than balance it out.

The idea of a prestige class having no downsides seems very wierd to me. Why would anyone not take it in that case?
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