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Hello. First time NWN player.
I'm running a dual monitor setup via an nVidia card, 1080p on the primary and 720p on the secondary.

What is the best way to play this game on modern hardware?

I know that you can't run the game in fullscreen windowed mode.
In fullscreen mode the game always selects 1080p no matter what resolution I use for my monitor or the game.
The hud elements are way too small on 1080p, but if I select a resolution lower than 1080p in game, the game screen simply shrinks itself to that resolution and adds a black border around the edges.
I give up.

Are there any websites that have hacks to make this game work properly on modern hardware?

I don't want to miss out on this 100+ hour adventure!
Do you have any advice for me?
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This question / problem has been solved by Kerebronimage
You should be able to choose screen scaling method in menu of your monitor, although some monitors have limited options available. You should select fullscreen or something like that, instead of 1:1.
The monitor allows that, but the game doesn't change my resolution to 800x600 or even 720p if I select that in game, it sets it to 1080p @ 50Hz (checked in my monitor menu to verify).

It always keeps my monitor at 1080p@50Hz, even if I set my desktop resolution to say 720p, the game will set it to 1080p@50.
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Um, unplugged the HDMI port and used VGA. It works.
Wow. There has to be a way to use HDMI with this game cause my desktop looks like garbage now.
Came across
And the last post there, Instead of selecting GPU, select Display scaling. Works fine now.
Thumbs up for pointing me in the right direction Kerebron!
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BTW, anybody with a dual monitor setup. You can lock the cursor to the game with
alt+tab to get to the 2nd monitor