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There is a trello board item for GOG Galaxy feature support now. You can vote for them here:

Beamdog is planning on implementing some Steam functionality in NWN:EE. This includes achievements and friend list integration (for possible game invites and online status, etc).

As could be expected, they're not as enthusiastic about the smaller potential playerbase on GOG. Nevertheless, NWN:EE development is all about player feedback and suggestions, so anyone who'd like such GOG Galaxy integration in NWN:EE, come and show your support for this idea in this thread:

Remember, even if you personally don't use Galaxy or feel achievements would be nice, it won't do you any harm if it's included in the GOG release (and you can turn off GOG Galaxy features anyway) and it can improve the game's popularity on GOG in comparison to Steam - and we're all fans of GOG who want it to thrive. :)
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I will buy it on GOG rather than on steam.
nyxs: I will buy it on GOG rather than on steam.
Then please like my post in the thread I linked and say it there. The more support GOG Galaxy support has, the greater chances of it being added. :)
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Beamdog has added a Trello card for GOG Galaxy features. :) If it gets votes, Galaxy support will be added. Please go there and vote (if you don't have an account, registration is quick and free).

Every vote counts and for the suggestion to pass I think it would definitely need some 20 at least or more votes. It's got 4 at the moment.
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I've got a lot on Steam but i much prefer GOG, just voted.
Great! Hope we can get more votes in that. :)
Bumping the thread. Let's have more votes. ;)
Yet another bump. If someone hasn't seen this yet, please vote on the trello board!