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Hi! Just bought NWN diamond. I seem to be able to play the game, but I am suffering from the following problem (on a multicore, nvidia, laptop, windows 7):

When I start the game, it starts windowed in a resolution of about 800x600. When I try to alter this setting with the config, the config .exe does not detect resolutions upon pressing scan. Neither does the game itself, when checking visual options in-game. Anyone know if I can add my resolutions manually? (Since, what happens is that the game goes fullscreen when having gone through the intro video splashes - the actual game window is centered and reduced in size to something the size of 800x600, regardless of my manual setting in the .ini file.)
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Have you already added the FullScreen=0 and AllowWindowedMode=1 lines to your nwn.ini file? This may prevent the game from going fullscreen after finishing the videos. As to why the scan is not picking up other resolutions, I am unsure.
I actually managed to fix it, the only thing I did was mess with the .ini files:
[Display Options]
Disable Intro Movies=1

The key properties being changed prior to the stuff working was:
A. Disable Intro Movies=1
B. Forcing fullscreen through FullScreen=1
Instead of the game appearing as a window on start (which it did with the intro movies running), it now starts properly full screen. Granted, this might not work for everyone, but it seems the intro movies were the nasties screwing up the ingame display.
Now - I still can't view a list of resolutions, but the game's playable.
For some reason, even with AllowWindowedMode=1 and FullScreen=0, I can't get the game to run in a window.

Problem: I have a netbook with a monitor attached. Native resolution is 1024x600, second screen's resolution is 1280x1024 (largest the monitor allows in CRT mode).

Everything else, I just start windowed, drag over to the other screen, switch to full-screen, voila.

NWN... Can't run in windowed mode, resolution selection is 800x600 or 1024x600 only (even if it was more, no use, as I can't drag it over anyway).

Any suggestions?