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Hey everybody!
I still have sudden sound hangups/stutters and keyboard hangups on my laptop when i play NWN for about half an hour, sometimes more, sometimes much less. I believe it to be sound-related because i already tried different driver versions which made the intensity of the stutters and the hangups better or worse.

So to maybe find the one driver that completely eliminates the problems, could everybody who has Windows 7 and a Realtek HD Audio soundchip (preferably in a laptop but please help if you have a desktop pc, too) just post the driver version they're using?

Also, if anyone has further tipps for solving this problem, please raise your voice, too!

Thank you! I'm about to give up on NWN again because i can't find a way to fix this... :(

EDIT: Please post if you're using WIn7 32bit or 64bit, too! I'm on 32bit!
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I'm having trouble with stutter too. If I zoom into the character it seems to go away a bit. The first temple where you Aribeth is located is the worst for me. I have windows 7 and realtek too.
HI. I don't have a realtek anymore so can't help with the driver issue. Realtek sound and NWN have a turbulent history but it is solvable.

First, I would use the ingame options and choose the miles sound as this one is most stable. (RAD sounds may also be an option). Second, disable hardware sound and EAX.

If that doesn't help, you could try this thread from the old bioware site. LINK

Good Luck :)
Tried all the tricks and tested NWN with like 10 different audiodrivers ranging from Win7s release to today and with different ingame sound setups... some made the stutters/keyboard errors more rare, but nothing really solved the issues...

After more than two weeks of testing i gave up and uninstalled NWN from my machine. If nobody has some kind of miracle cure, this is maybe the greatest loss for my gaming heart since i got my Win7 laptop. ;(
I opted to play the game with sound disabled rather than not play it at all.
I'm guessing you already tried this list:
superfly2000: I'm guessing you already tried this list:
Tried it all, but i'm 99% sure that the problems come from the sound driver only... and it looks like no Win7 driver exists that works with NWN... :/

And playing with no sound is like playing with the hangups... it's not enjoyable and then it's easier for me to completely ignore the game.
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Umm...ignore NWN??? that possible even...??

Don't think so... get a new soundcard or a new (or even old actually) computer...
superfly2000: Umm...ignore NWN??? that possible even...??

Don't think so... get a new soundcard or a new (or even old actually) computer...
I surely will sometime in the future. For now i have to stick with my new Win7 laptop, so i can't do much about the soundcard unfortunately.

To help me ignore NWN until then i try to finally finish Baldurs Gate 2... started it a bazillion times but never completed it so far... ;)