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Finally, slow and choppy gameplay fixed itself (I don't know how), and I'm thinking full run SOU and Hotu.

Picking the right class, will you help me...

Don't want to play: sorcerer, bard, rogue, cleric, paladin, wizard, barbarian - but what I'm left...

Bard - Deekin comp, no need to play as bard
Rogue - Dorna and that drow comp, no need for rogue
Cleric - again, Dorna could fill that role, if I tell her how she should level
Barbarian - there's barbarian comp. in SOU and weapon master in HOTU
sorcerer or wizard - I heard drow comp isn't very good, and sorcerer comp is same as barbarian comp - Xanos I think. He is Half-orc, so maybe I should go with sorcerer as my main?
Paladin - there are two fighter class companions I Hotu, seems redundant...

I'm left with a ranger, druid, monk, fighter... I think I'm choosing a druid, but isn't sorcerer more viable for this run?

I would like to choose sorcerer, or arcane might, but I loose rogue and a healer... So, my companion should be Dorna, but she is rogue/cleric, and that's just wrong...
Xanos the barbarian sorcerer is out of the question, so it's either Dorna the rogue or Dorna the cleric - or or Dorna cleric/rogue... And I miss arcane power if I don't go sorcerer or wizard/rogue...
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I've played through SoU/HotU with both a solo Druid and solo Sorcerer. Both runs were very fun, and I never felt like I needed a specific companion. Play the class that most interests you, and take whatever companion you'd like to play with.
You can go with druid/shifter/smth build. Druid/monk/shifter is a bit underpowered here, since you would prefer weapon form with stuff that avaliable in Hotu.

Shifter is really fun class with a lot of different forms you can turn into. Druid/shifter assassin can be really fun in hotu with death attack death sload form xD Just don't forget to take knockdown to be able to deliver death attack with no problem xD