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quick question to some of the NWN veterans here.

As far as I understand, you are limited to 1 henchman at a time (2 in Hordes of the Underdark).

In pretty much any D&D RPG I played, you need a rogue for lockpicking/trap detection, cleric for healing//turning undead, Barbarian/Paladin/Fighter for combat, a wizard or sorcerer and so on, basically a whole party of at least 4 or 5 chars.

I played both Baldurs Gate and currently also NWN2, and I really don't see how it would be possible to use 1 main character + 1 henchman without the frustration of frequent backtracking, because locks needs to be picked/traps detected/undead turned and so on.

Is this happening in NWN or how do you guys felt while playing it?

I usually prefer to play wizard btw. but am not sure about this in NWN because of the reasons above.
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A Wizard with a pixie as a familiar should have no problem dealing with locks/traps in the game (or use of the Knock/Find Traps spells can serve that purpose). The undead can be killed just as simply as anything else; a cleric is not required to destroy them. Just bring along a melee combat-oriented character (Barbarian/Monk/Paladin/Rogue) to keep enemies at bay while you deal damage.
Each character class definitely has an advantage in some areas and a disadvantage in other. They've tailored the game to make your class shine in some instances. But in other instances, you won't be able to come close to being successful.

I very much enjoy the BG style 6-party class system, but I also rather like NWN's system, too.

My first time through, I used a druid/shifter with a rogue as a henchman and I don't think I missed too much.

This time through, I'm going Fighter/Wizard/Arcane Archer with a Wizard (multiplayer, no henchman), and we're still not missing too much.

I'd say if you feel like your party is lacking somewhere, then put a few ranks in an odd skill or swap up your henchman.
Sorceror as main, Rogue as henchman for me.

Works rather well really, especially if you take the Panther as your familiar, and always upgrade your summoning spells.

That way, you have your rogue to pick locks, deal with traps etc., whilst your sorceror (protected by your familiar and summon) can destroy any enemies.
Sounds good, guys, thanks for the replies.
I had 2 ideas for characters.

i have a question. What would be something that complements an almost pure rogue sniping class. I want to maximize sneak attack plus bows. Now i know that rogues should get rapid shot and point blank, but i was thinking of making a rogue with stealthy feat so i can reach the assassin class in 2 levels. From there, i would take assassin class which will make my shots have a chance for paralyze. Would that have soloing potential?

I also had another idea where i make a defensive bard class that specializes in stealth, perform, parry. I always wanted to make a successful parry character that can take down big guys from finesse.

What feats should i take for each? Im not decided which one to go with yet, so any advice would be cool.
I think parry is broken.
Yeah you might be right. Well, since that is the case, do you know of any solo rogue builds?

I was thinking of utilizing both ranged weapons(wit sneak attacks) until they get close, then cast a spell to paralyze them, then SA some more. Could i make a bard that does that or do they get crappy spells? A bard/rogue with more based on bard would be cool if its possible. Id like to solo because last time i had to give up cause i relied on daelan too much.
but parry needs them swinging at you, if they attack your budy, you stand there wile your party gets pumled