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This info below is now obsolete, keys are added automatically to user account.
To access it, go to Library -> Neverwinter Nights -> More -> Serial Keys.
You can then replace them manually in nwncdkey.ini or use included CDKey Changer Tool.

For requesting a CD-KEY please follow this link:
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geodenn: I've tried this link and submitted it 3 times in the last 3 days. I still have not received a reply!
Please check your spam/junk folders (both online and in your mail viewer app, if you're using one). As far as I can tell my colleague sent you your set of keys twice - three days ago an yesterday.
staked: Well, it's been three days now and still no key. I'm about to do a chargeback on my Visa and just buy it from Amazon. This is ridiculous.
I apologize for the delay, we had an increased backlog of tickets to get through this week. I do see that my colleague has sent you your keys about three hours before you posted, however. Have you checked your spam/junk folders, just in case?
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RavantShearhart: Also submitted a form on April 19th, 2012. It's now the 26th. A post on the first page says 3 business days. It's... been about 5. Checked GMail's spam folder, no dice. Checked inbox and all folders with rules attached, still no dice.

Any idea on when those will come through?
I see that my colleague sent you the keys on Tuesday, and it doesn't look like the e-mail got bumped back by GMail... I will resend the e-mail in a sec, from a regular GMail account, just in case.
wodensmama: My husband got his but I am still waiting on mine...
I wasn't able to find your support ticket, only a mention of your e-mail address in your husband's ticket.
I will ask one of my colleagues to send you the key in a moment.
knoxrub: Me and my brother bought NWN Diamond Edition, and both requested a key a while ago. My account name is knoxrub, and his is walker. Please email us the key. Thanks in advance!
As far as I can tell you sent your tickets around the time you posted this. My colleague will be finished with the keys very soon, so you can expect e-mails within the hour.
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Solonlawgiver: I need a CD-Key as well. It appears that the method listed in the sticky is inoperative. The technical ticket system link is broken. In any event I submitted a request through the order problem help request and have heard nothing back, not even a confirmation of the request.

This is your business but have to say that manually filling all requests for a CD keys is a very unexpected and unprofessional way to sell a game.

EDIT: And yes I have checked the spam directory of my email.
If you just submitted a ticket, please be advised that is closed for the day. Your ticket should be seen tomorrow and taken care of ASAP.
joshuax90: Its been over 24hrs since my request and I still don't have a CD Key, why don't they automatically send it?
Unfortunately we can't offer keys automatically for NWN1 for technical reasons. Yesterday was a public holiday over here, but you should get your key within the hour. I apologize for the delay.

Edit: I see that Natalia has sent you the key 15 minutes ago. In case it's not in your inbox, please make sure to check your spam/junk folders, just in case.
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